+++ Fair Play at SF-1, the ScubaFreaks - reduction of the value added tax in Germany from 19% to 16%, books from 7% to 5%) +++

Currently, a reduced rate of value added tax applies in Germany. Of course we are passing on the full extent of the tax reduction. Whoever buys from SF-1 now saves expensive prices and supports local trade. Well then let's go :-)

+++ Corona effects on daily business +++ please note +++ we prefer pleasure like frustration +++

For many people the Corona Pandemic is already over. Far from it.  Many suppliers are still on short-time working; ordered goods are often only delivered slowly or not at all. 

In general we have a warehouse which allows us to keep stocks for 8 - 12 weeks. This costs money, but takes stress out of our business and makes you happy. At the moment we cannot fill up our stocks in time.

Warehouse-marked goods are always available in the usual quantities. If the availability is indicated as "available at short notice", the goods are not in stock but are usually available in the indicated time. If you have an urgent need for goods, please contact us here before ordering so that we can control and help or offer alternatives. 

This way we avoid frustration and create a desire for your new achievement :-)

We are the SF-1, the ScubaFreaks!

Diving is our life! We are different from others - and that's a good thing. With us in Jüchen - Hochneukirch class goes before mass and we take ourselves time for your request. We are confessing Rhinelanders - a visit with us is always an experience. Guaranteed ;-)

Yes, diving can be addictive :-) So that addiction does not become a danger, a well-founded tach training as well as a well maintained diving equipment that suits you and your requirements is necessary. Who wants to save too much often pays in the long run much more than he needs and takes unnecessary risks. Here we help by our experience and consultation gladly further.

We are a bit proud of our well-equipped 200 m² dive shop, but not everyone can come to us. We ship worldwide and serve besides the retail trade also the B2B area, diving clubs and diving clubs with good conditions - just contact us if necessary.

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