HELASTOPAKT / ELASTOSAL 2K Set: tin 300 gr + hardener 24 ml

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HELASTOPAKT / ELASTOSAL 2K Set: tin 300 gr + hardener 24 ml

Here we offer you the means for professional bonding of your diving suit and many other water sports items

Contact adhesive on polychloroprene (CR) basis for permanently elastic and high-strength bonding of neoprene, rubber, hypalon, fabric, wood, metal, etc. ATTENTION: Not suitable for PVC!

By adding the optional ELASTOSAL® Hardener RFE crosslinker, the adhesive strength, resistance to heat, plasticizers and moisture, and the adhesion of the HELASTOPAKT adhesive can be significantly improved.

For cleaning we recommend optional:
The recommended pre-cleaning of the materials to be bonded using ELASTOSAL Lösit MEK removes dirt and grease and achieves significantly better bonding results.

Technical data of the adhesive:
Colour: black
density: 0,94 g/cm3
Viscosity: approx. 2200 mPa s
Consumption: approx. 150 g/m2 per coat on smooth surface
Application method: Brush
Crosslinker: ELASTOSAL RFE
Cleaner: ELASTOSAL Lösit MEK
Flash-off time (21°C): approx. 5 min Contact bonding time (21°C): approx. 5 min
Final strength after: approx. 24 h
Shelf life: at least 12 months, storage conditions: dry, cool, frost-free, tightly closed containers

1. surface preparation: the surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry, free of grease and oil. Wash the surfaces to be bonded with cleaning agent (e.g. ELASTOSAL® Lösit MEK) and allow to dry. Slightly roughen the surface if possible. Completely remove any rough dust.
2. mixing (only when the crosslinker is added): Mixing ratio: Adhesive: Crosslinker = 100 : 5 parts by weight The service life of the mixture (pot life) is at least 2 hours with closed container
3. application and drying: 2-3 coats are recommended Apply a thin, even coat to both surfaces to be bonded. Allow the first coat to dry well (approx. 30 minutes). Allow the last coat to dry briefly (approx. 5 min at 21°C) so that it is still slightly sticky when joined, but no longer pulls threads.
4. joining: Fold the parts to be joined together accurately and join them against each other with strong contact pressure (e.g. using a roller or hammer). It is important that the glued surfaces have complete contact with each other.

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