We are the SF-1, the ScubaFreaks - your online shop with top advice and special service.

In addition to a solid diving education, well-maintained diving equipment that suits you and your requirements is necessary. 

We are happy to help you with our experience and advice - so you can save yourself one or two bad purchases or reconsider one or two steps.

Of course, we ship worldwide and serve not only the retail trade but also the B2B sector as well as diving clubs and diving associations with good conditions - just contact us if required.

We are happy to be there for you with all our energy and are available by phone, email, messanger or skype to help you with words and deeds. 

If you would like to pick up your order personally, please make an appointment in advance.

The worlwide unique SF-1 ScubaFreaks Team...


is our man, just in case.

He is your contact when it comes to diving training as well as diving equipment.

His speciality is dry suits and their service.

Thomas is also responsible for global purchasing and B2B.

Thomas is a SDI TDI Instructor and has been diving for 16 years, mainly in the waters of Germany , Egypt and the Netherlands. 



has been active in the shop for several years and is now an integral part of the team.

She is your contact when it comes to diving training as well as diving equipment.

Her specialties are regulators as well as dive computers and their service.

Sonja is also responsible for Internet activities and accounting.

Sonja is a SDI TDI diving instructor and has been diving for several years, mainly in the German waters - and preferably with the recirculation unit.


is with us as SDI TDI diving instructor in the team.

She is the contact person for everything that concerns trial diving and sports diving training and is the good fairy if it doesn't work out that way.

Especially Heike likes to work with children and teenagers and is also very active in our diving club.

Heike is also active in the DrySuitService and has already accomplished many a miracle there.


"Diving is his life" - that's exactly what Michael is all about.

Michael is SDI TDI Instructor and can build on a lot of experience.

The focus is on TDI training technical diver as well as advanced sport diving courses. As calm and unerring as Michael emerges, he is so confident in diving education.

Also in the diving club Michael is very active and is always looking for new diving waters.


is a SDI TDI diving instructor in our training team.

Aalways calm and with a lot of enthusiasm she makes trial dives and teaches just as successfully the SDI TDI diving courses.

In addition, Ellen has a lot of fun in the diving club and is a great buddy for all occasions.


is also a SDI TDI Instructor and is strongly involved in our team. 

He inspires everyone - from beginners to advanced divers.

With a lot of effort and fun Roland regularly plans the club events or the excursions.


is (almost) always there.

Then she likes to be the star. She inspires everyone - but doesn't eat everything by a long shot and certainly not out of everyone's hand.

Ronny fits perfectly into the team and is present at many an event.