tank service

We (and most other diving shops) do not carry out the so-called cylinder inspection ourselves. It saves time and money to bring the tanks directly to the nearest testing facility in Mönchengladbach on Krefelder Strasse 280. Please note that only the cylinder body is tested there. The tightness of the valve will not be tested and the (metric) valve will not be resealed (no new O-ring will be inserted).
You are welcome to bring the freshly tested bottle to us and we will seal and fill it (we do this directly, no waiting time). This way you also save a few euros. To ensure that your bottle valve runs smoothly in the future and is really tight, we recommend a valve revision.
Do you have any questions? How long does the test take? What needs to be considered? What needs to be done?
Then just ask us, feel free to call or email us.

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