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Thomas is our man for all cases.

He runs the shop and takes care of your concerns.

Been a SDI TDI Instructor, Thomas has been diving for 15 years, mainly in the colder waters of Germany and the Netherlands.Thomas is also happy to dive safaris and can spend hours looking for morays.

Sonja is part of the shop team.

In addition to internet activitys, she also has bookkeeping on the neck and works in the shop. Sonja is SDI TDI Instructor & Service Technician for the dive computer and regulator workshop, I think that's a lot of work :-)

Heike is with us as SDI TDI Instructor in the team. She is the contact person for everything
Try diving and sports diving training turns and is the fairy godmother, if it is not so

Heike likes to work with children and adolescents and is also in
very active in our diving club.

"Diving is his life" - that's exactly what Michael is all about. Michael is SDI TDI
Instructor and can build on a lot of experience. The focus is on TDI training technical diver as well as advanced sport diving courses.

As calm and unerring as Michael emerges, he is so confident in diving education. Also in the diving club Michael is very active and is always looking for new diving waters.